Friday, January 2, 2009

pEncil SketCh


Today's topic is all about pencil sketch. As I have promised, I will post here some of my artworks here in blog-it rob. I've done a pencil sketch of my favorite pig character. I like pigs because they are cute, bubbly and squishy. The first anime that has a pig character that I have watched is Sunny Pig or the Tokyo Pig.

I watched it on GMA7 seven (7) years ago. That anime series can make you laugh because the characters were very funny, and weird. The pig there is so cute, especially when he dances and would kiss the forehead of the little boy (I've forgot the name of the main character) You can check its synopsis at

The second anime is in Clannad, the pet of Kyou. The pig's name is botan. Botan is a brown colored animal who always bawl the word "puhi".

These anime series inspire me to draw, and helps me to practice more.

Here are my artworks of different images of pig.

this image is the birthday pig, I made this when I celebrated my birthday.

this one is the
annoyed pig. I just got the idea when I was watching an anime series then I saw the annoying face of the character. I try it on to a pig and it looks good.

this one is the super pig or more likely the bully pig, who always want to beat other pigs.

this is a birthday gr
eeting pig. I used this when my friends had their birthday. I put this in their profile in friendster to greet them a happy birthday with a smile and a balloon.


this is a huge family of pigs. I make it more colorful and compact to each other to show the real meaning of "family".

I made this image when I miss someone special to me. A picture of a pig who wants to be hug by someone she loves.

this image shows so much affection.
A pig that is so much in love to someone that his eyes turn into heart shape and blushes.

this is a blogging pig. I used this image in my previous post.

this is a confuse pig, I also used this image in my previous post about my blog name.

this image shows
friendliness. I also used this image for greeting my friends.

a "thanks for the add" image, and the "thanks for viewing" image.



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