Sunday, April 26, 2009



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Late afternoon in showbiz central, Mr. Jomari Yllana was in the hot seat in "don't lie to me" test. After some questions asked by Sweet, the actor promoted the forthcoming concert of the famous American Idol season 7 winner David Cook and 1st runner up, David Archuleta. Mr. Jomari was one of the producers of this big event.

And so, the Filipino fans are waiting for this concert. My sister would go for sure and buy ticket. She really likes David Cook and David Archuleta. During the competition, she was often watching American Idol and was very amaze with the voice of the two. I could say she's in love... in love in David's voice. =D

Well, back to the event, the tickets are available in
You can also apply for ticket reservation online
Grab one now!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mr. Bee fries reminds me of...


Last Monday, my boyfriend and I have bought meals from Jollibee for our lunch. We ordered 2 k2(2 pcs. burger steak, rice and reg. coke and 1 large rootbeer), 1 large french fries and 2 extra rice via phone call; it will be delivered to our office. We were really hungry that time because of the work load we have that day. When it was delivered, the french fries was in a paper bag and sealed with a tape, to maintain the crispness of the potato. When I've opened it, it emitted the great savor and freshness of the fries, then it reminds me of something. Something that happens long time ago that I also considered special.

When I tried to breath in the paper bag, it helps me enjoy playing back the memories I've had with my father. I recalled the day when we went to Jollibee in Malolos branch. I was small and young. Inside the Jollibee, the aroma of the french fries was there roaming around in the air. It was very delightful. Since then, I really like to eat french fries in Jollibee because it has a unique taste than an ordinary fries.

Even if I've forgotten about it, Mr Bee fries (french fries) helps me to remember it. And to that, I miss my father so much. (:|) My boyfriends says whenever he saw me breathing in and out in the paper bag, "I am like an addict, inhaling some kind of a drug." Though I can't resist the yummy savor of the fries. (;-p)

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Summer fun at Aganhaw Beach Resort


Last April 12, Easter Sunday, the whole family decided to go to the beach. My boyfriend and I were looking for a beach resort where we (the whole family) can spend our time there and have fun. We went to various beaches but its always full, so we went to Parang (a place here in Calapan City) where there are also some resorts. Good thing, we finally found the right place where we can enjoy.

We choose to spend our day at Aganhaw Beach Resort. The venue is very appealing and its really great for the family. It has an entrance fee of P20.00 per head,the small children are exclusive. The cottage is P375.00, there is no time limit. They also have play ground specially for kids, it's called Toy Land.

We enjoyed very well. Take a look at these photos,

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A hot summer!


It is indeed a very hot summer here in the Philippines. Particulary you will experience the heat from noon time til six in the afternoon.

My mother and my sister had their fourth round in taking a cold shower. Can you imagine that? It's very hot here in the province of Oriental Mindoro. On the other hand, I myself don't know where can I go, I am looking for some place that I could hang out here inside the house yet I still can't find it.

I can't understand the feeling, its like I feel very dry and I want to dive in the wide ocean, craving to experience to be touch by the cold water. Huh! It's getting hot in here...

There are times that I want to go inside our refrigerator and lock myself there. hehe... Can't take it!
But you know what I still managed to sleep during that time. When I woke up, the feeling is like I've done some sun bathing. Huh!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Join me at mypage5


Hey guys, I've found a site that you can earn just by posting a blog, uploading your photos, videos, commenting on others, even in every view of your profile while making friends. You can choose your minimum payout from $50 up to a hundred bux. Yes that's right, once you join in with your photo uploaded, you can recieve a $5.00 bonus. It's so easy to make money! You can check their earning FAQ here

If this is what you are looking for, then join me. Just register here.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Neno Award


While checking my blog for some recent comments from my readers, I am very much surprised til now because of the award that I have received from Rhonb (aka Pinkoy). Obviously, its my first award and I'm very pleased to have it. Thank you so much!

Now, before I answer the award's question I will tell you my story on how I was hooked in blogging. It all started because of my importunate but helpful friend from college who made MAKING MONEY WITH SAMARITA.

After resigning from my first job due to health problems and stress, I really give my best just to recover myself back to being a lovely and charming girl full of courage. =D So, my friend advise me to make my own while waiting for a blessing from God. (*blessing = he was referring for the new opportunity that God will give me like opportunity to work again ;p) When I was just starting, I have many things that I want to post in my blog yet I don't know how and where will I start. I made a few research to get what I want to be the outcome of my blog. Every week I have one or two post, though I noticed that its incomplete. I have a blog and an interesting content but I have no visitors or readers unlike other blogs. Then I've decided to make my blog active to capture visitors as well as readers. I joined various sites that can drive more traffic to my site such as entrecard, mybloglog, topblogs, and many more. Slowly, it is now discovered by people around the world. Of course, there are times that I want to give up blogging, but still, I keep on trying.

So what is my reason why I love blogging?

In general,

+ I love blogging because I want to share and express my self to all people around the world about my life experiences, dreams, belief and everything that can help inspire and motivate every people who will read my blog. Also, it helps me to enhance my knowledge and meet new friends through blog hopping.

Back to the Neno Award, here are the rules for this meaningful award:

The aims of this award:

• As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.
• To seek the reasons why we all love blogging!
• Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.
• Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
• Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
• Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.
• Don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

And I want to share this award to my consistent readers and visitors who never forget to drop by here. They deserve to receive this award because their blog is also one of a kind, check their link by clicking their names below. I'd like to thank you for expressing your throughts with me and for the support you have given. I greatly appreciate it!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Food tRip!!!


My food trip this summer is something that can make me drool all the way. A food that has a great combination of spices, sweet, sour, salt and spicy.

Like the other day, my mother bought small "galunggong", banana leaves, small green mangoes(paho), and tomatoes. She cooked "sinaing sa patis" (a filipino food that has blend of salty and sour taste). The dish is very popular to all Filipino people. You can also cook other fish like "tulingan" using the same procedure.

To cook this menu, you will need:

raw fish (galunggong)
strips of banana leaves
tamarind or dried/fresh kalamias
rock salt

Here's how:

1. Bundle a four to five pieces of galunggong using strips of banana leaves. Set aside
2. In a casserole, put enough water, arrange the tamarind or kalamias(dries or fresh). Then put the bundled galunggong on top. Sprinkled it with rock salt.
3. Cook it in a moderate heat of fire for 20 - 45 minutes or until the fish is cook.

The dish taste good and can really make you eat especially when you ate it with tomatoes and green mangoes (paho).

Enjoy! =D

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My experience at DFA


Last April 3, 2009, we went to Manila to get a passport. But before that, I have read some experiences of other Filipino people in the internet. I was googling til I've found some forums regarding the experiences of some Filipinos in getting their passport in DFA.

I've read some revealed topics about how difficult it was to get a passport there because they have problems regarding their picture, some people there were insisting them to correct their photo and making them believe that they doesn't meet the standard photo requirement. I don't know who were those people they were referring. They have the same complaints about the people there, many says that their I.D. photo should be like this or like that! And it costs P150.00 when you get another. Some readers felt doubtful because they might experience what the other Filipino people have experienced.

When I went there, I am with my mother and my brother. We were at the back of DFA, there are so many people there. While passing through, someone asked us if we are going to get a passport, if we are newbie, or are we going to renew our passport? Its like he was interviewing us. He said that it was difficult to get a passport there, especially when the picture is not right. He also bragged that he will get a passport too and we have to go first in any of the stalls located at the side of the street "for the checking of the documents, filling-up of forms, thumbmark and I.D. picture".

So, when we arrived in the first stall/booth, the guy said, "sige bigyan nyo ng 3 forms yan!" Our guess was correct! Its just his style of luring other people especially newbie or innocent people who has no idea what may happen, particularly the other people who can be easily fooled. There were also 2 man standing outside, wearing a barong and black pants, pretending to be an employee of DFA. They also got a walkie talkie in their hand. Their role is to blocked people who will go inside of the DFA office then will refer to dropped by in any stalls there whose business is for taking ID picture.

I've noticed that all the stalls located at the right side and its workers has one aim and same lines to attract newbies. Their aim is to make profit through taking photo i.d. even if the prepared photo was correct they will still make you convince that it was not right and you have to get another photo i.d. The usual lines they always said: You have to fill-up your forms first, put thumbmark and attach your I.d. photo and the supporting documents such as birth certificate from NSO or local cert. with CTC, 2 xerox I.D. like SSS id, voter's id, etc. before you can proceed inside of the DFA's office. You can't go inside when your form has incomplete data, no thumbmark and no attach photo or else you will only be taken outside of the DFA's office.

My mother is very sensitive when it comes in that situation. She's very bold and direct. She wants to guarantee if the transaction is legal before making a move. She doesn't want to be victimized by it. So, she asked them if they were a part of DFA, and if they were an official employee. They told us that the stalls are the extension of DFA and they were an employee. They have shown us their huge size I.Ds.

The woman there insisted us to show our photo i.d. to her. She said, she have to check it if it is correct and have meet the standard requirement. When she saw mine, she immediately bragged that my background color is wrong. Its very irritating, especially when you have an idea that they just want to get money from you so, I told her that it is right because it is royal blue like the other picture displayed to her desk. Then she again insisted that it was not because of my hair, covering my right eyebrow. My forehead should be visible. However, whatever she says, we don't want to approved it. Because we're sure that its correct.

Inside the DFA compound, we saw the long lines at gate 2. We asked the security guard, the route for the government employees. She direct us to proceed at the 2nd floor.

The line for the government employees is different from those people who are working in private companies/organizations. The government employees have the great opportunity to be assess immediately.

Arriving at the second floor, we filled-up our forms at the canteen then attached the supporting documents. After that, we proceeded at window one. We gave our forms to the lady wearing an eye glass, she checked it one by one. She said that we have to make one photocopy of our form (just the front). So, we go downstairs to photocopy it. Then, when we return back at window one, the lady gave us an appointment. A schedule for the processing of our documents. my brother informed her that we came from Oriental Mindoro and we'll go home the same day. So she referred us to the director - Mr. Gaspar, she instructed us to make a request to him. Then, we followed what she have told us. The director seems kind and understanding. He approved and let us not to be scheduled on Tuesday. Our documents will be processed right away.

Then, we moved on at window 2, the lady gave us the receipt with the amount to be paid for the passport. She put P750.00 in the receipt yet, we asked her why did she already put the amount without asking us if we like to pay P500.00 or P750.00 Because we know that if we pay P500.00 the processing will take 14 days while the other one will only take one week. She impolitely explained that the amount to be paid is automatic P750.00 due to holy week and they'll have an overtime. We have no choice but to paid it. So, we waited there for about 15 minutes, then our names were called by her, we checked our names, address, place of birth and date of birth if correct to avoid double pay. It was the last step, we signed it and put our thumb mark. Then its done. She gave us a schedule on when will our passport be release. We can pay the LBC for the delivery of our passport, its worth P100.00 so we're not bothered in going back there.

That's so easy! I suggest, if you are planning to get a passport, don't be seduce by the people outside the DFA building. Whatever they say, just ignore them! Or just tell them that you have already an appointment. I'm sure they will stopped. One more thing, the security guard inside the DFA office told us that all DFA employees have an ID unlike the fixers outside, they have none.

So be careful! Don't be victimized!

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Its pay day!!!


The month of march has ended, and you know what I'm trying to figure out, it's pay day!!! Yipee!!! Well, last week we went to Manila to get a passport. We also went to SM megamall to buy few things we need. Here's what I bought:

Jovanni International
this is the first bag that I bought since I graduated from College. hehe it costs P1,600 to be exact less 20% so, it costs P1,280.00 only. My boyfriend and my mother said that it cost very expensive, yet I have no idea when it comes in buying a bag. I never regret that I bought this because I like it and I need it.

Jag Thug skinny pants
I also bought a skinny pants. It fits well to me! Undeniably, I've had a second thought in buying this one because its also expensive. But I told myself that I should buy it because my reason is, I don't like to wear something that doesn't fit and look good on me.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top Droppers (March)


I want to thank my top ten entrecard droppers for the month of March year 2009. Here they are in random order:

Thank you very much for the time you spent in checking my blog and for the warm drop!
For the readers, better check these blogs. WHY? Just find out why... =D Many bloggers are following them because of the interesting contents they have.

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Eye protection


Yesterday, I bought sun glass for my eyes because I can't take the heat of the sun. It gives me an eye sore whenever I looked around in the surroundings. Usually, I've just closed my eyes so that I can't feel the pain in my eyes. Its like it will fall down and I often feel sick. I can't looked up, I can't see the sky and the clouds. Hmmm...

So to protect my eyes, I used my new sun glass that I bought from Penshoppe yesterday. It really gives me a fresh and cool atmosphere. I can now open my eyes even in the midst of summer. Whew!

To enjoy your summer, why not buy a sun glass to protect your eyes from the heat besides sun glasses are not for fashion only.

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