Saturday, April 18, 2009

A hot summer!


It is indeed a very hot summer here in the Philippines. Particulary you will experience the heat from noon time til six in the afternoon.

My mother and my sister had their fourth round in taking a cold shower. Can you imagine that? It's very hot here in the province of Oriental Mindoro. On the other hand, I myself don't know where can I go, I am looking for some place that I could hang out here inside the house yet I still can't find it.

I can't understand the feeling, its like I feel very dry and I want to dive in the wide ocean, craving to experience to be touch by the cold water. Huh! It's getting hot in here...

There are times that I want to go inside our refrigerator and lock myself there. hehe... Can't take it!
But you know what I still managed to sleep during that time. When I woke up, the feeling is like I've done some sun bathing. Huh!



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