Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Its pay day!!!


The month of march has ended, and you know what I'm trying to figure out, it's pay day!!! Yipee!!! Well, last week we went to Manila to get a passport. We also went to SM megamall to buy few things we need. Here's what I bought:

Jovanni International
this is the first bag that I bought since I graduated from College. hehe it costs P1,600 to be exact less 20% so, it costs P1,280.00 only. My boyfriend and my mother said that it cost very expensive, yet I have no idea when it comes in buying a bag. I never regret that I bought this because I like it and I need it.

Jag Thug skinny pants
I also bought a skinny pants. It fits well to me! Undeniably, I've had a second thought in buying this one because its also expensive. But I told myself that I should buy it because my reason is, I don't like to wear something that doesn't fit and look good on me.


belleph said...

Wow! I love your bag not because it's brand is my husband's name (coincidence)but I really like the color and the style :-)

redkathy said...

I love that bag! I just bought a new one myself, like I needed another bag to add to the forty or so I already have, right lol

rObrak said...

thank you for the comment! Actually when my mother have seen it, she didn't like it, but it's ok! I really like my new bag, regardless of the price. Its style is different from others and that's one thing why I liked it. hehe... When I bought it, its the last stock they have. ;D

malik aayan said...

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