Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A different version


Ever since my father died, I've never had chance to eat such an appetizing dish. I was practiced to eat what my mother serves to us which on the other hand, has simple flavorings. My mother doesn't know how to cook because she grew up in a wealthy family. However, she's still trying her best just to make us food. And we really appreciate it.

I'm also the one in charge in preparing our food during dinner and weekends. They say, when you're cooking, you should do it from the bottom of your heart. Simply put love on what you're doing to make it delicious. So that the one who'll eat it will be delighted and have satisfaction.

I often applied that technique and it works really well. Yet there were also times that I can't cook properly and I mean it I'm not that good like my father.

At first, I thought I could never had a chance to taste again the foods that my father usually made for us. The incomparable flavors, the great blending of spices that makes it really special. A food that has full of love and is made just for you. It can give you more strength to accomplish something that you haven't fulfilled for that day. That's the taste of my father's unique love for us.

The day, when I've got this chance was when I came to my boyfriend's house to make our case study. His mother can cook scrumptious food like my late father. And because I am in charge in cooking, I decided to learn more with the help of my boyfriend's mother.

One of the dishes that I've learned to cook is Adobo. You know what Adobo is? Adobo is mainly the most popular and well-known traditional dish of the Filipinos. There are different version of Adobo, usually, meat is the main ingredient. However the one that I've tried to cook is Adobong Talong (Talong is a tagalog term for an eggplant). Indeed it taste really good. Do you want to try it?

Okay, you'll just need:

*4 pcs. of talong or eggplant
* slice onions
* slice garlic
* 4 tblsp. soy sauce
* 1/4 cup of vinegar
* cooked tofu

How to do it?

1. In a pan, put a small amount of oil (you just need to put a little portion of oil in the pan to avoid sticking) When the pan is hot, put the whole eggplant then cover it, cook it for 10 minutes or until it become cushy.
2. When the eggplant is cooked, put all the ingredients except the tofu. Mix it well and marinate it for 15 minutes. So that it become more tasty. Then after that simmer it for 10 minutes in a medium heat. Mix the cooked tofu and your done.

Hope you like it. =)

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A picture of him (Father's Day Special)


I thought I can't blog this because I mistakenly considered that last Sunday was Father's day. So I anxiously greeted my friend's father and thank them. So here, I really want to blog this out...

Celebrating this kind of event would make us spend time preparing something special for our love ones. All the sweet gifts and ideas are present in our minds because we want to show how we cherish and love our father dearly. From the time our life come to existence, as we grow little by little, he is there to guide us in every way. Even though there were also times that he can't be present, but still he knows how to make us smile again.

It is indeed a sweet thing that you can cook for your father to celebrate the day. More importantly its great when you can able share again your smiles and your whole life with him one more time. As the days goes by, you can make many memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. Because you'll never know how long you can spend, being with him.

For past six years, I still have pictures of my father in mind and heart. I can still remember his face and the way he acts out as the head of the family. I can say that he is really the best father. He can do a mother job, he cooks delicious meals that can make us full and happy. He can wash clothes, wash dishes, clean the house, can fix our roof, and our faucet. He really is amazing!

I admired him very much. I love everything about him and the way he dresses. He was fashionable and stylistic. He never buys local brand of garments, whereas he's after with the quality. He likes action movies of Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise and a lot more of Hollywood actors. He was also inclined in music and have collections of tapes of various group singers and band like, Beatles, Guns and Roses, Eagles, Carpenters, and others.

Every morning when he usually sweeps the floor, you could barely hear the sound of his collections making your heart beat clout. By nine or ten in the morning he was in the market buying ingredients for his specialties. He absolutely enjoys cooking. Just when he sees us eating happily makes him very enlighten and in bliss. He never ask in return. He's a very loving and sweet father and a husband to my mother.

If only I could spend another moment with him, I will surely give him my biggest hug full of love. Yet all I could do is greet him and pray for him.

"Happy Father's Day Papa!!! We really miss you and we love you so much!!! Thank you for everything...for the memories and for being a great father!"

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank you for the drop design


I made these two designs of "thank you for the drop" just now. I've remembered that the month of MAY has ended already and its JUNE now. So, I want to dedicate this designs to all my droppers here in my blog. I am so much grateful and ashamed because I haven't given you an update often or a new post here in bLogitrob. I'm so busy with my current job so I haven't had the chance to report something new and interesting.

Now, I want to express my appreciation for those who keeps on dropping and visiting bLogitrob. Thank you!

Below are my top ten entrecard droppers for the month of MAY 2009, thank you very much!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun stuff


Are you familiar with the kisses that grows when you soak it into water for two days? If not, then I will share it to you, last month, my two nephews were holding a bottle full of water that contains tiny beads-like stuff. They told me that it grows when you put it there. I didn't gave it full attention but after a day, my mother also bought two packs of it but I wonder why? She told me the same thing that my two nephews told me before. She also added that she'll put it in a vase to decorate it in our house. It also can relieves stress and depression once you hold it. You'll surely love it and get attached to it.

These are the pictures of the tiny beads-like stuff after soaked in the water for three days, it looks like a zagu or a molded jelly.

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Birthday cake


I'm so busy with my current job so I haven't had a time again to post here. As for today, I made a birthday cake. My boyfriend's mother have asked me to make her a cake and to teach her how to make it. Its so very embarrassing because, whenever I have to cook something for them, it usually turns not perfect. Maybe, I'm just always nervous. But I do hope that the cake I made will make a great impression.

I haven't captured any photo of the cake so you can't see it but I think, its presentation is quite yummy. Even so, I feel glad that I've done something for them. =D

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