Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun stuff


Are you familiar with the kisses that grows when you soak it into water for two days? If not, then I will share it to you, last month, my two nephews were holding a bottle full of water that contains tiny beads-like stuff. They told me that it grows when you put it there. I didn't gave it full attention but after a day, my mother also bought two packs of it but I wonder why? She told me the same thing that my two nephews told me before. She also added that she'll put it in a vase to decorate it in our house. It also can relieves stress and depression once you hold it. You'll surely love it and get attached to it.

These are the pictures of the tiny beads-like stuff after soaked in the water for three days, it looks like a zagu or a molded jelly.

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redkathy said...

I bought something similar for my sons when they were young except they grew into tiny dinosaurs. Of course they weren't as beautiful as these beads!


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