Saturday, April 11, 2009

Food tRip!!!


My food trip this summer is something that can make me drool all the way. A food that has a great combination of spices, sweet, sour, salt and spicy.

Like the other day, my mother bought small "galunggong", banana leaves, small green mangoes(paho), and tomatoes. She cooked "sinaing sa patis" (a filipino food that has blend of salty and sour taste). The dish is very popular to all Filipino people. You can also cook other fish like "tulingan" using the same procedure.

To cook this menu, you will need:

raw fish (galunggong)
strips of banana leaves
tamarind or dried/fresh kalamias
rock salt

Here's how:

1. Bundle a four to five pieces of galunggong using strips of banana leaves. Set aside
2. In a casserole, put enough water, arrange the tamarind or kalamias(dries or fresh). Then put the bundled galunggong on top. Sprinkled it with rock salt.
3. Cook it in a moderate heat of fire for 20 - 45 minutes or until the fish is cook.

The dish taste good and can really make you eat especially when you ate it with tomatoes and green mangoes (paho).

Enjoy! =D


RhonB (aka Pinkoy) said...

Tsalap naman nyan! BTW I have an award for you. I hope you like it :)

rObrak said...

wow! that's so great! thank you for the award! love it!


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