Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mr. Bee fries reminds me of...


Last Monday, my boyfriend and I have bought meals from Jollibee for our lunch. We ordered 2 k2(2 pcs. burger steak, rice and reg. coke and 1 large rootbeer), 1 large french fries and 2 extra rice via phone call; it will be delivered to our office. We were really hungry that time because of the work load we have that day. When it was delivered, the french fries was in a paper bag and sealed with a tape, to maintain the crispness of the potato. When I've opened it, it emitted the great savor and freshness of the fries, then it reminds me of something. Something that happens long time ago that I also considered special.

When I tried to breath in the paper bag, it helps me enjoy playing back the memories I've had with my father. I recalled the day when we went to Jollibee in Malolos branch. I was small and young. Inside the Jollibee, the aroma of the french fries was there roaming around in the air. It was very delightful. Since then, I really like to eat french fries in Jollibee because it has a unique taste than an ordinary fries.

Even if I've forgotten about it, Mr Bee fries (french fries) helps me to remember it. And to that, I miss my father so much. (:|) My boyfriends says whenever he saw me breathing in and out in the paper bag, "I am like an addict, inhaling some kind of a drug." Though I can't resist the yummy savor of the fries. (;-p)


redkathy said...

It seems food always makes some beautiful memories. My boys, now 21 and 27 talk about old times and always include food! LOL

rObrak said...

yes! I believe that one of the great way to have remarkable memories with our love ones is through spending time with them while having fun together. Its so great that we can reminisce the past that we somehow forgotten it then suddenly we could recall it through the help of the things that were present that time. It may be the smell of the food, the place, the rain, and others. =D


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