Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another year for me


Last year, I've accrued lots of inspiration from the youngest graphic designer - Sabrina of www.digdesignz.net

Through her artistic visual ideas and creativity, I've had an enormous light of hope to move forward. I'm truly astound with her unique interpretations in every image she put into picture. As her creativity overflows, her artistic visuals helped me to become inspired again that made my feet move ahead.

Well after that, I've decided to learn adobe photoshop and put every pictures in fantasy and express my overflowing amazement. I'm aware that its difficult to master adobe photoshop but still it gave me lots of guts to continue. I told myself that I should gain any accomplishment that I can proud of before
I turned 23. So, my life continues... I met many people in my journey. Some left me a good mark, still there were few who wounded me.

When I was about to lose hope, slowly stressing out, I did see another light. A light which lead me to become an individual contractor, commonly known as a "freelancer". I signed up and gave my best in order
to be hired to any jobs that I applied. It was truly a tough competition. There were tons of rejections but I didn't give up. Until I've finally landed to my first assignment which was blog commenting, making an account to some forums and sites, also link building. After gaining my first assignment, I received another job to work on.

I can say that, I've accomplished my goal. I was able to achieve something to be proud of before turning 23. :) I can't believe I finally done it! :D I'll continue and reach for my dream.



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