Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Spirit


Only seven days to go before Christmas day and I'm thankful because God answers my prayers. First week of December, I already felt the spirit of Christmas because of the Bossa nova music collections that I've heard when I discovered Tonet's site at and also the other collections of Christmas songs by Filipino artist that frequently plays in the office. When going outside, the wind blew a very cold air that touches my skin that makes me chill. I also felt the spirit of Christmas when I see a huge Christmas tree that wraps with tiny lights in it, sparkles around the tree.

Here's my original artwork. I also like the color purple, the glow around the tree, and the stars.
Purple makes it different to other color. And I called this wallpaper "my Purple tree"

Recently, my co-officemates and I decided to have a Christmas party in the office next week before Christmas. We also planned to have exchanges gifts on that day so we make a "palabunutan". Excitement and joy are what we felt while doing the "palabunutan". Yet, there's something in me that bothers me. My only wish for Christmas is that all people in this world would experience happiness, peace and love.

Have a Merry Christmas to all!!!



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