Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Addicted to...


Last week after having a hard time worrying about something that makes me too down for four days, a bit baffled yet in one single time my mood changes into normal. It was the help of Ms. Yoshiki Nakamura's manga - SKIP BEAT. Yey! Actually I never had the effort to read a manga before because I'm very lazy when it comes in reading manga (that's because I prefer watching..=P)yet suddenly it awakens again my addiction to anime. Weeee!!!! I never thought that I would dare to read the manga within five days chapters 1-139... whew! I became very excited and often craving for more chapters. Each chapter has 28-31 pages maximum, can you imagine that? I read the manga from 8pm to 3am, I became addicted to it. So, I got no proper sleep as of now but its okay! At least I am not feeling too pressured and bothersome until now. It really helps me to re-charge my confidence and cheerful mood.

Skip Beat has a unique blend of comedy, romance, and slice of life. It drives you crazy and in love everytime you read the manga or watches its video. All your worries will fade out I'm sure of it. (^^,)



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