Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On and Off in blogging


The month of April has been a very busy month for me. Blessings came, and problems occurs. I've been working in my full time job as well as having my sideline job.

Two girls have asked for help in making their thesis in programming. As I was having conversation with them, I was thinking if I'll accept the offer. But then, they beg for mercy because they don't know what they'll do, on how they can pass their subject. I have felt their hardships and struggles, so I grab their offer. I also consider it as a blessing for me because I've no money anymore. Their proposal thesis is Grade Verification System. A system that has two users the faculty as admin (who can avail full access in the system) and the students (who have a limited account). They have given me a flowchart. It was very messy because they put many connectors on it and I've noticed that it has no security and back-up feature. I asked them if it has network but they said that it's just a stand alone system. So, I became very confused.

I have also shared this sideline to my friend who has a financial problem. He have shared his misery in his current job. His position is all around, if one staff is absent he will took charged of it. The salary is not suited, its not enough to support his family. So, I feel pity on him. Because of my desire to help him out in his problem, I've offered my sideline to him. But then, he told me that we could shared the work. I agreed with it. But it bugs me more when he said, "we could share the work". I can't explain it, but I'm sure he has a different version of that statement.

I could give my sideline to him because I know he really needs it. I asked him if he can do the job regarding the program even if he was not in good health, I want to assure it because I'm the one who interacted with the two girls. Yet, he would often say that he needs the requirements and the idea of the flow of the system and he will make it. He added also that I should make one too, so that if one fails to meet the deadline, we still have another program that can be presented to the girls. He often gave me a 50-50 answer, he was not sure if he can make the whole program. So to make sure, I decided to make my own system.

One afternoon, my friend and I meet again, I gave the flow and explain to him the details of the program. I also tried to suggest that we should divide the work however, nothing happens. My suggestion was to divide the work so that we have less work. The two of us will benefit and to avoid regrets in the end. On the other hand, he still insisted his suggestion because of the reason that he doesn't want me to affect his codes and flow of the program. He's so bombast! Then I suddenly remember that his health condition was not that good because of his job and his computer was not in good condition too. So, I became bothered that he can't finish the program. I have no choice but to make one whole furnish reliable program. So I became busy with it and that's why I've to skipped from blogging.

There's also a time that I reformatted the laptop in my office due to my flashdrive that my friend have borrowed. He returned it to me with free virus, I scan it on my sister's laptop - AVG, it detected 100+ worms... I got so irritated! It affected the laptop in our office that I used to make my program. The files? I have a back-up of it but I can't take the virus and the one who borrows. That day, I was losing my patience though I'm trying to understand him.

Back to the program, I have changed some flow in the program and added security and back-up feature. Before I've made it I have received their down payment, half of the payment, so I have nothing to worry. They get a copy of it to present to their adviser. Their adviser has always comments on it even if her comments were not that important. I've noticed that their adviser was just fooling them, because she'll give a comment then if I fixed it, she will then suggest to reinstate the function of the program. Huh!

We've done a lot of changes, changes that are not appropriate in the systems reliability, I have no choice but to follow. Yesterday, I've really finish the program. The two have agreed the flow and function of it. Before I got the full payment, I've told my friend that only one system would be chosen, what shall we do if we present our program to the girls and how's the payment? His idea was, when we are finish with our program we'll both present it to the girls and they will choose. huh! Though we can get half of the payment whoever system will be chosen. Another thing that bugs me was his program, I know it was very reliable and error-free but it contains virus. It will surely affect the presentation of the two girls if and only if they'll choose it. I felt very awkward that he can get P2,500.00, so I decided to make it P2,000.00 for him. My mind never gave me a relaxing thoughts, it bothers me more of my decision. I wondered that I also need money, and he could just have a P2,000.00 whatever happens. I became very mindful about it so I decided to let him borrow P2,000.00, even if he can't finish his system. He accept it.

Thinking made me very uncomfortable. I felt so unfair but there are debts that I have to pay. I started regretting...that I've made the decision of offering my friend a sideline and to my decisions made. Due to some reasons:

1. affected by financial problem because I lend him P2k then I was scolded by my mother because when she have known that I have a sideline, she expected that I will give her my payment in my debt to her. Yet, I have consumed the money and I didn't able pay her. =( I was also hoping that I could pay her too but it turned nothing! huh! It was I who suffered in the end.

2. having my eyes exposed in the computer - that was very daunting (I'm not allowed to abused my eyes but I still made it considering the thesis that I have to accomplish!)

But still I learned from it. I decided to limit my kindness and be more careful in making or choosing decisions. I also realized that I can't fixed everything. I should consider my self first and my needs before anything else.

I have so many things that I want to blog. I've missed lots of time to do it. I want to thank the visitors and droppers who still checks my page. Thank you!

By the way Manny Pacquiao is so great!!!! I've watched his fight, thank God he won! I knew it even before he was still on training! =D "Congratulations Manny Pacman Pacquiao"

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i'm guessing those girl's are lucky to have you there for there work whehehe

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