Sunday, August 23, 2009

Living while making my life...


Every new day is a new beginning of every opportunities, new challenges, new encounters. It is true that if we worked hard we can attain success. If we dream more, we can have the motivation to reach it even if we have to face difficulties. And if we take one more step to the path we chose, I believe that its the time we could finally make a start. Of course, we should carry tons of patience, hardwork and passion in our journey, so that if we stumble, we could stand up again even without a helping hand from a friend.

In our life, the reason why we can't move forward in our dreams is that we're frightened. We are afraid of failures, that's why we usually stop in the midst of our journey. Nonchalantly, we can forget where should we lead to, our dreams to make our life more abundant has been put aside. Until we've decided to stay from where we stood.

As I live my life, I often encountered ups and down. But despite all the difficulties, I can say that I really gained lessons which taught me and made me realized that I should move forward again. Honestly, I already forgot all my goals in life. All my promises and dreams were put aside. I haven't noticed that I'm so focused in my present relationship and it makes my life unbalanced.

Through God's love, I know and I truly believe that he's always guiding us. He helped me out and brought me to light once again. I was enlightened by his warmth that made me see again the path I'm currently into.

And now, I'm starting to step forward again. I'll never be afraid. I want to continue... I want to live and make a start in my life.



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