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Working in the government is really a good choice for me, compared to my previous job, I was gradually exposed in accomplishing pile of paper works. As a new computer technician/programmer, it allowed me to further deepened my capabilities and knowledge. The career that I took is not a waste at all. But still, I'm not contented with it.

What I like about the government is that, there's no time pressure, no overloaded work and you can manage your time without hassle. However, having a lot of free time does not actually makes me really happy. On the other hand, it gives me can of worms. Especially, pay day, it takes three days up to one week to received my salary. And sometimes there are less work, its exhausting to be sitting the whole day and do nothing but to wait for calls, who has a problem with their computer or network connections. In fact, maybe I was the only one who's experiencing this dilemma because my two co-workers have part-time job and/or sidelines and I also want to experience that. I'm so envied! But I have no idea where to apply for part time jobs.

Then one time, while downloading drivers for the computer that I'm repairing, an employee from the other department came in the office. She was offering me a sideline job. She needs help in making a presentation to be used for the training she'll attend to and want me to make a design for the ID of the participants in the training. At first I'm not concerned to the payment, all I think about was the kind of job she wants me to do. Its kinda rush hour. After providing me the data that I need to make the presentation, I immediately worked on it. Then there were also times that I encountered problem when I was about to make a design. The two computers in the office were reformatted yesterday and some of its software apps were not yet installed. So, I hurriedly installed Adobe Photoshop and Digital Image Pro to the other computer. I have only one hour left to make the design yet I didn't panic maybe because I was already exposed to worked on a fast-paced projects. As a result, all that I have done made a good impression to the one who offered me a sideline. She really likes my work and as agreed, she gave me P200.00 for my accomplishment.

I feel great and satisfied with the pay because I've just made two slide presentation and a design for the ID. Through that sideline, it helps me enlightened with what I'm currently experiencing. This might be the answer to my prayers. It inspires me to have another job aside from my full time work. It will be a great experience for me and at the same time I can fully enhance my knowledge, and skills in various field of work.

As for my target to be my part time, I've done a lot of research about Home-based part time. The results had given me the idea to be a freelance provider. My co-worker referred me to apply in oDesk. So I give it a try.

I don't know what awaits me in the future as a freelance provider. But for now, I'm much focused in giving my best to deliver a good quality service online.


redkathy said...

Best of luck to you i your new job and with Odesk!

rObrak said...

thank you! =D


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