Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What is a BLOG?


As of now, many people are creating a blog which contains information about their personal living, latest trends, tips, and everything. They also post different photos taken in different places in order to show those things to billions of people around the world. Others would like to express his self, while some people wants to give information about what they feature in their blogs or his opinions/thoughts of the things that attracts them most.

But do you know that there is another reason why do people create blogs? Simply because they want to earn a little extra money. Yes, you can! Aside from working in the office, processing documents everyday, making it a routine will make you somehow feel boring, however, you can't stop it because you need to earn money for your living. When you started to create your own blog and you have publish many articles, share your thoughts with different people who have visited your page can help you lessen your stress in your everyday life. It can also frees you from pressure in your work life because of your boss who nags every hour. A blog can be your personal blog that contains your dreams, aspirations, your hopes and struggles. In addition to that you can earn money online through your weblog. Through your ideas, even if you have a simple design in your blog as long as the information you provide to the readers are helpful and useful then there will be no problem in earning extra money. Your post must be attractive and always has a sense, so that many people will come to see your blog.



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