Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My review: Anime on board!


Well I want to feature first in this blog the anime series that I got hooked in. It was then when I was 13 yrs. old when I started to watch anime series. Watching anime makes me feel relaxed, addicted, and even helps me widen my creativity in arts. I became passionate, bold and inspired to make some of my own comics that has a mixture of different style of culture. The characters were made from my deep imagination and I designed my characters the way I wanted it to.

Ghost Fighter or Yu Yu Hakusho - is the first anime tv series that I've watched. It was lately showed at GMA 7 (a Channel Network in the Phil.). At first, I thought it was the same as the other shows that I have already watched but when I tried to watched one of the episodes of GF, I felt something deep within that triggers me a lot. Then I just said to my self that "this is a good anime!". Then I begun watching it and became hooked in anime. It gives the viewers a thrill, excitement in every scenes especially the episodes of Eugene/Yusuke-Taguro fight in the arena. During that time GF became the no.1 anime show in the Philippines because many of the Filipino viewers were getting addicted to it. Undeniably, it was such a great anime series, it has the blend of action, adventure, romance and funny scenes.

I will never forget Eugene Urameshi

A 14 year old who became a spirit world detective after he died when he tried to save a little boy. Eugene is a naughty boy who always skips classes and spending his time in the roof top of the school. He has many comrades and one of those brats is Alfred, who can't win against him in the fight. Yusuke has an extraordinary power, his Rei gun is very powerful that can blow a huge rock into dust.

Jenny and Eugene moment

This picture was when Yusuke and the others were having a battle with the monsters in the underworld. Jenny is Yusuke's childhood friend who is very popular with the guys in their school. She is kind, attractive, has a gentle and soft voice.

Alfred / KuwabaraKuwabara is the former comrade of Yusuke who can't win even once. But later became Yusuke's best friend, he has the spiritual sword power. Many says that he was weak and always loses fight during their battle against the underworld. However, he can power up his strenght even if he was badly injured through his love for Michaela or Yukina. His role for me, makes the story more lively.


The casts of GF:

From left to right

Vincent or Hiei - is a demon with third eye who has the power of black dragon spirit technique and blue spirit sword. He also uses sword for his minor fights. He is extremely fast that when fighting you can't see how many slashes he had made to kill his enemies.

Dennis or Kurama - like Hiei is a demon who was a cold hearted and a thief fox before. But when he came into the human world and have learned the values, habits of humans and because of his foster mother, his cold-heart changes into a kind hearted person. He is intelligent, calm, popular with girls in school. He has the abiltity to summon and control plants, he makes use it as rose whip, sword, blood sucking plant, and more.

Eugene or Yusuke - lately reveals that he has a blood of a demon. He is a half human half demon who is very powerful.

Alfred or Kuwabara (at the back)
Jenny - Childhood friend of Yusuke
Charlene - is one of the spirit who serve Koenma and also makes a report of the status of the human world.



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