Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dreaming to be a comic artist!


Well yes! I am dreaming to be a comic artist. It started when I was influenced by the Japanese anime and manga. Nine years ago, I was forced to watched an anime series which is the Ghost Fighter that I've featured already in my previous post. This anime series awakens me and brought me to a new world. A world that individuals can make use of their imaginations, their deep thoughts, can express them selves that can see and be witness by many people. I was then a very observative person, with a simple lifestyle. When I am alone and silent, I have many things in my mind. Sometimes I'm visualizing a good scene, the characters were anime style. There were times that I want to draw the events happened which I was a part of it and the people I love. When I have my free time, like in college, I often draw my classmates and friend in anime design. In that way I can practice my skills in drawing. I started to draw when I was in elementary, my drawings were not that good but still it can be considered as an artwork somehow, even if my character's body were huge and were all fat. Whenever I have a glimpes of it, I just laugh at it. hehe... But I'm not making my own comics yet, I just design my characters the way I wanted it to be.

As I entered high school, I met someone who was also an addict to anime especially in Ghost Fighter. We became friends. She has a sister that is really like her, their like twins, their so much alike, however they are not like that. Her elder sister is very talented, she has the skills of an animator. Her skills in drawings are very awesome. She can draw the cast of Ghost Fighter without looking to a picture. And so I was amazed again and inspired! She have shown me lots of her collections and artworks, and undeniably its a "WOW". Then again, I trained myself, of course there is a progress. I usually use my skills in my projects, I put designs that were different from the common layouts. The school year has ended, my friend told me that she will not going to enroll by next school year but will transfer to other school.

Then the next 2 years were heating up because the students were focus in their studies. During lectures, I consistently make sketches in my photocopies. Sketches of my teacher in anime form, or even myself attached with a balloon and caption. Then slowly, my classmates discovered my skills, they want to see my artworks or simple drawings that I have at the back of my notebook. Some were astonish and my friends love it.

When I became a fourth year high school, I met someone who has a skill same as mine. She is intelligent, with analytical mind. She's the one who have influence me to make my own comics. Her collections are her very own comics which she's the one who construct the story and design the characters. When we became friends, we provided a small notebook, we exchange our thoughts through drawings. Our experiences were drawn and have putted in the notebook. When we consumed all the pieces of papers, it turn out to be a comics. Our very own comics which has full of inspiration, opinions, thoughts, dreams and experiences in our friendship.

After graduation, she gave the notebook to me, it is a remembrance of our friendship, dreams, and hopes. The dedication remains in me. She influenced me something that I can use of my ability. Something that I can share to my new friends.

Then in college, I practice more, make comics again. I never stop to draw. Everyday, I dream to be an animator or a comic artist. There were lots of treasured memories that kept in my heart that I want to turn into a comics. Like the story of meeting a real friend, competing, meeting my special someone. It has a different stories and I want it to show to all the people. I also dream of having it publish or make it a comic book. Someday, in God's will it will happen. I have many ideas that I'd like to turn into a comics, I'm sure many people will love it. I'm not giving it up, the dream I had.

I have read tips from Mr. Gerry Alanguilan - he is a filipino comic book writer and artist as well. It is about
How To Get Into Comics Today

A tips especially made for young artist who wants to be a comic artist. From his tips I've got an idea how can I pursue my dreams. It's great that I've discovered his blog and own website. Thank you for the wonderful tips.



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