Thursday, November 6, 2008

bLog-it: ANIME!


Well let's talk about anime!

Anime is indeed popular since it has started until now. There are many different styles of animation which portrays each culture, values of a certain people and of their country. Japanese animations are very well known. Through this animations we could learn and had known of the Japanese traditions, their rituals, clothes, foods, sports, and their creativity in arts, technology and others.

As for my opinion: Anime for me is a great form of art because through this, it shows and proves how creative an individual can be. It digs the human psyche and imaginations. You can feel the passion, sense, motivation and dedication of the animators, producing a great story which can attract and be love by many people who will watch it.

Because of human's uniqueness, different in perception and likeness, there will be some who will be not hook in watching these shows. Some of my friends doesn't like anime and or not fond of it. "Its only for kids, why would I watch it?" they said. It's kinda irritating but the only thing I can do is respect them for what they believe in. Watching anime can let me feel relaxed, comfortable, can help me widen my creativity and knowledge.

During my class in COG 111 (computer graphics design and animation) my instructor gave us a photocopy of his research about animation. From that photocopy, animation is related to a poem. It defines poem as expression of thoughts, emotions through words while animation, is an expression also of thoughts, emotions, values, through drawings and movements of graphics.

Anime has its category and subcategories. There are 28 subcategories,

1. Action anime like Library war, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, etc.
2. Adventure anime like Lupin III
3. Comedy like Midori days (comedy-romance), Clannad (comedy-drama-romance), lovely complex, etc.
4. Comedy-drama
5. Crime
6. Cyberpunk like Ghost in the shell, appleseed
7. Detective like Detective Conan
8. Drama
9. Fantasy like anime with supernatural powers, magic
10. Harem anime
11. Hentai - which shows scenes that are not for minors. More on naked bodies and sex.
12. Historical anime
13. Horror anime like Ayakashi
14. Kaito anime
15. Magical Anime like Sailormoon, Wedding Peach
16. Martial Arts Anime like Boxing anime - Knockout; Judo; Karate; Street Fighter
17. Medical Anime
18. Mystery Anime
19. Occult Detective Anime
20. Romance Anime like Tokimeki Memorial, Lovely Com, Clannad
21. Romantic Comedy Anime
22. Science Fantasy Anime
23. Science Fiction Anime
24. Steampunk Anime
25. Supernatural Anime
26. Suspense Anime
27. Western Anime

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My favorite type of anime is comedy-romance, or romance anime and also sporty anime such as Slam Dunk, Big Windup, Prince of Tennis. It separates me from depression and stress in work life. These anime shows also gives the viewers a lesson, make them inspired and motivates them through the inspirational lines that the viewers can get.

One of the anime series that can inspire me and motivates me to not give up on something I really want to pursue is Naruto.
In this anime series, when Naruto has always a battle, he would never tried to give up even if he was badly injured. Motivation and love for his friends are his strength to defeat his enemies. He makes me smile after he have said his favorite lines - "I'm Uzumaki Naruto, I'll become the next Hokage someday!" His character is very admirable, he's the one who never accept defeat, and always training himself to be the most powerful ninja so that he can be able protect the people who are close to him and also the village of konoha.
Uzumaki Naruto was a loner back then when he was small due to the kyuubi, a powerful monster that lies within him. The people living in konoha were afraid of him, so he can't gain friends. However, he never considered it as a hindrance in his ambition to become the next Hokage.



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