Tuesday, February 17, 2009

As nice as ever!


Valentine's day had passed and I can say that I'd spend the day well with my love ones. On that day, we went to the beach, we celebrated it there to make the day special for us. Its the first time that we went out. Along with my 2 little pamangkin, my mother, my sister and my boyfriend. In the afternoon, my sister's best friend came along with her pamangkin. Its so great that we once spend our time again.

We are reunited and I'm thankful for that. At first my plan is to walk only in the shore, having a moment with my bf. But I became envied when I saw my 2 pamangkin playing happily and enjoying the time while swimming together. Having attracted to the bluish color of the ocean, the peaceful surroundings, the melodious sound of the waves, it made me decided to swim with them.

As we walk in the shore, the atmosphere became odd. The clouds turned dark, the wind became strong, and the dark color reflected in the sea. Little by little the cold wind embrace me. Then, the rain pours slowly until it became strong. Its very a wonderful moment for me. I never considered it as a hindrance to my enjoyment and happiness, instead it made my day more special.

I was delighted that time, the rain showers me. Its one of my dreams, a dream that is fulfilled. A dream to be in the rain with my love ones. Because of the rain, it helped me to be a child for a while. I've felt and recalled my childhood memories, my treasured memories that kept in my heart.

A blessing from God and I'm grateful!

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