Monday, February 23, 2009

Instant Millionare!


Last night, after the draw of super lotto 6/49, I was watching the news with my sister. The news have revealed that there are two lucky winners in the said draw. They've hit the jackpot P347 million. Wow! They are very lucky, an instant millionaire! How I wish my family and I can also hit the jackpot but in some part I was suddenly frightened. I don't know what will happen to us. But have you ever wonder, if you're the only one who won the jackpot prize where will you spend the P347 million?

If it was me, then I will pay my family's debt, will put up a business, will share it to my siblings, other relatives, I will also share it to charities such as in the orphanage, home for the aged, more likely to those people in need. Yes, of course the rest of the money will be save for future plans.

Yes, I'm not selfish. I really want to give a hand to those people who are in need, and that's included in my dream. It's a great feeling if you could see the smiles of the people that you know you have done something good to them.


Ate Sienna said...

they say, when you win the lottery, it would be wise to leave the money in the bank intact until you've talked with a financial planner and know exactly how you want to use your winnings. I've seen a docu show on TV where they showed what happened to some instant millionaires... some of them ended really sad tho.

rObrak said...

Yes indeed! If it was me who won that jackpot prize, of course I will really consider the consequences that may happen. In my posted article, the list that I'm referring to such as the payment of my family's debt are the ones that will be given priorities. thank you very much for your comment. I gladly appreciate it! =)


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