Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Fact: NO one was born STUPID!


While I was having a thought about my nephew's performance in his class, I came to realize that its truly a fact that no one was born stupid. I came up with that conclusion due to that, on my nephew's case, he often got low grades and his performance in class is not quite good. But when I started guiding him, gave him lectures about their lessons tackled the whole day, I've seen and proven that he can also passed his all subjects. Patience and devotion are the keys that will help us achieve our goals.

Some people believes that if a certain person is not smart enough to answer simple questions or they can't easily get the idea, they will simply consider him/her a dumb right away. But have you come up with the idea that we're not perfect at all. As a human being, its natural to us that sometimes we cannot give the right feedback to our colleagues, friends, or anyone whom we're communicating with due to interruptions. Some says that if both parents were less smart then their child may inherit it as well. Well, its not true. Even if parents were not too intelligent, that's not a basis that their child became dense. They are just lacking something.

No one was born stupid and I believe that. Human brains are not all the same. We have different characteristics and personalities. Some may have the ability to memorize and learn from what he/she just saw for just a short time. Some may not be a fast learner, but needs to develop and understand the things he/she wants to know in a slow process. Or even may take time to answer back. Some people lacks of nutritious foods that causes memory gaps.

And do you know that there is something within us that make us feel that we are left behind due to the attitude we have? Especially when we abuse it and practice it gradually. In lieu to that humans has a common attitude that can't be taken away that easily. I know all of us wants to have a better life, a life full of enjoyment, satisfaction, and to live without burden, struggles, and hard ships. We always wish that we can be able to live a good life, away from agonies and depression. We sometimes dreamed that we're just sitting in our favorite chair beside the window, taking a glimpse in the outside, seeing the beautiful scenery while listening to soft-mellow tune of music with our love ones. Its truly a pleasant feeling! Having those experiences seems relaxing. It's like that our other part will begin to tempt us to be like that forever saying "Let's do this tomorrow, and to the next day, and to the next next day...Don't go to your work. Don't go to school." Until we become lazy.

Being lazy can be harmful when it is practice daily. We can't recover from it easily because it can make us addictive and unproductive. It can also make us empty, fruitless or even left behind in terms of knowledge and skills when we let our selves be tempted to be in a room with nothing. So if we stay there, our life will not be progressive and we can't attain our goals.

One who haven't been able attend schools, because they can't afford to pay can learn various things from their environment. They can somehow learn how to survive through to their experiences encountered. Those who are an undergraduate does not means that they are dumb. They've just let them selves be eaten by their laziness, so they didn't make it except for those who can't be able to pursue their education due to financial problem.

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austerebelle said...

I agree. Thak you for sharing your thoughts.


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