Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birthday Thank You Card!


Last night, I'm making a design of a birthday thank you card. It's a sideline offered to me by my boyfriend's aunt. She wants me to make a design for someone's Birthday and Christening. It was a very difficult task for me because its my second time making a design of birthday card. I don't know if she'll like my idea. I was also deciding what application should I use. Should I use Adobe Photoshop or Digital Image Pro? Because I really want to make my own creation using Adobe Photoshop but I'm not really familiar with its other great stuff, nonetheless, I'm very fond of using the fantastic brushes that I've downloaded a while ago. =D On the other hand, using digital image pro, I'm somehow, I know how to apply all the tools. So it will become easy for me to have the design.

So, while having a thought, I browse in the internet to get some artistic design that I could use to produce it. I took a picture of balloons, birthday cake, an angel, a gift, a tag, a stripe background and a picture of the celebrant.

I've made two different designs:

design #1 (pink party with picture of the two celebrant)

design #2 (blue green and yellow party with picture of the two celebrant)

This morning, I presented it to my client. Unexpectedly she likes it both. My design gave her a great impression and excitement. So I feel great too! =D


redkathy said...

Photoshop has a steep learning curve, requires quite a bit of experience. Best to go with what you know! The cards turned out really nice. I can see why your client liked both!

rObrak said...

Really? Well thank you for the comments. I'm glad that you also like it. =D


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