Monday, May 18, 2009

Enjoying oneself


In our lives in order to survive from sadness and depression, we usually long for someone to be by our side. Someone who's ready to listen Like a small kid who wants to feel that we're not alone while we are in the midst of darkness and emptiness.

It's very tough for an individual not to express his/her true feelings especially when he/she is facing a big trouble or worries. They may think of some undesirable idea in order to escape from that pain. Some chooses to hide it, because they doesn't want others to be bothered. Yet in some part, its not a great idea.

It's undeniable that in every test or every problems occur in our daily lives, are totally difficult. Sadly, other people chooses to give up easily without even trying something just to overcome it. On the other hand, there are also people who can be considered as brave that can't be frightened or the ones who doesn't want to accept defeat. They'll fight til the end just to win the battle.

Facing problem is like facing in a battle or you can even describe it when you play games. There are different stages of complication. In every stage you have to fight with all your might in order to survive. If you're too weak, you'll only be eaten and lose. In contrast, you'll earn extra strength and will learn new strategy. If you're going to give up in the middle of the battle, then how can you overcome the next hard ship? Can you be able to win the fight? Can you finish the battle alive?

Just remember and keep in mind that you're not the only one who is having a difficult time in overcoming problems. Regardless of how difficult it is, we must not give up. If every decision we made fails, we should still stand up and start to create new strategy in order to win.



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