Monday, February 2, 2009

Month full of lOve!


Valentine's day is on the way, like Christmas day, we're all attach in celebrating this event. However, what we've felt during Christmas has a blend of mix emotions within. Valentine's day is all about love; a holiday for we have to express our inner feelings to the person or people we really treasured and cared for. I really considered this month - February as the month full of love! Because all of us will going to commemorate this festive and romantic episode of our life.

On February 14, which is the date of the said event, we never know who'll propose, or make a confession of his/her love to you. Who'll date you and will give you memories that would last. A moment that will make you have the "kilig" feeling.

On that day, everyone has the right to celebrate it even if he/she is single. Because heart's day is not only for the couples. There are many alternative activities that you can do if you're single. Don't consider yourself as loveless because there are still many people that loves you for who you are and were proud of you such as your parents, siblings, tita, tito, grandparents, your friends, cousins and most especially GOD. So make that day more meaningful! Just remember that you're the one who reacts and decides in every situations.

For this month of February, I'll feature out many related articles about Valentine's day from the sites I've found. Tips, and sweet gifts for your love ones. So Enjoy!



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