Saturday, June 20, 2009

A picture of him (Father's Day Special)


I thought I can't blog this because I mistakenly considered that last Sunday was Father's day. So I anxiously greeted my friend's father and thank them. So here, I really want to blog this out...

Celebrating this kind of event would make us spend time preparing something special for our love ones. All the sweet gifts and ideas are present in our minds because we want to show how we cherish and love our father dearly. From the time our life come to existence, as we grow little by little, he is there to guide us in every way. Even though there were also times that he can't be present, but still he knows how to make us smile again.

It is indeed a sweet thing that you can cook for your father to celebrate the day. More importantly its great when you can able share again your smiles and your whole life with him one more time. As the days goes by, you can make many memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. Because you'll never know how long you can spend, being with him.

For past six years, I still have pictures of my father in mind and heart. I can still remember his face and the way he acts out as the head of the family. I can say that he is really the best father. He can do a mother job, he cooks delicious meals that can make us full and happy. He can wash clothes, wash dishes, clean the house, can fix our roof, and our faucet. He really is amazing!

I admired him very much. I love everything about him and the way he dresses. He was fashionable and stylistic. He never buys local brand of garments, whereas he's after with the quality. He likes action movies of Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise and a lot more of Hollywood actors. He was also inclined in music and have collections of tapes of various group singers and band like, Beatles, Guns and Roses, Eagles, Carpenters, and others.

Every morning when he usually sweeps the floor, you could barely hear the sound of his collections making your heart beat clout. By nine or ten in the morning he was in the market buying ingredients for his specialties. He absolutely enjoys cooking. Just when he sees us eating happily makes him very enlighten and in bliss. He never ask in return. He's a very loving and sweet father and a husband to my mother.

If only I could spend another moment with him, I will surely give him my biggest hug full of love. Yet all I could do is greet him and pray for him.

"Happy Father's Day Papa!!! We really miss you and we love you so much!!! Thank you for everything...for the memories and for being a great father!"



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