Friday, July 24, 2009

What I've learned in Doraemon


After working in my full time job as a computer technician, I came home exhausted. I've got plenty of work during this day. So, I'm feeling very unwell, I have a sore throat, headache and I felt like burning. Maybe its due to the weather and the two air conditioner in the office. It was always set to full because of the six computer servers we maintained and monitored. Even if I wore a jacket, I'm still cold. I guess I was born having this kind of characteristics. I get cold easily.

I came home early than my mother and my sister again. But I'm not alone, my two little nephews are accompanying me. As we watched Boys over Flowers, one of my nephew accidentally broke a glass when he was about to drink an orange juice. The glass slipped off in his small hands. Oh well the floor was messed up with the broken pieces of glass and juice. I have no choice, I have to clean it. I didn't scolded him and said nothing. Because I know how it feels to be scolded and to be in that situation.

While picking up the pieces of the broken glass, I suddenly recalled my experience when I was young. I'm in the same situation like my little nephew. That time, I broke a large bowl of cooking pot (it was a glass-type). I accidentally dropped the pot when I was trying to get it out in the cabinet because I'm going to cook something. My father got frustrated and scolded me. He told me some foul words that really hurts my feeling. I want to cry that time but I stop myself. I felt annoyed.

That time I'm fond of watching the tv series of Doraemon. Who's not familiar of Doraemon? At some side, we consider it only for kids. Each episode has a different story and lesson we could gain. The most touching episode I've seen was, when Novita asked Doraemon to return in the past when he was still a baby who's not force to study too often, who only sleeps, and eats when hungry. For Novita, studying is very tiring, and that is somewhat makes him always got a low grade in school. He's the type of an easy-going kid, who's not interested in studying. Well, Doraemon as we all know, he's a cat, a robot who has a pocket that contains hi-tech gadgets. He is also a very helpful friend to Novita even if there were times that he was in trouble because of him. Then as the series goes on, He and Novita went in the past by using the time machine. He granted Novita's wish even if it troubles him. That time, Novita's grandmother was the one who took care of him. Being a baby made him very comfortable and made him happy because he was free from doing things. If he want to sleep, he'll sleep, if he want to play, he'll play without getting scolded by his mother. And if he want to eat he'll just eat. Yet there were also some things he misses to do. That is he can't able to drink a softdrink or eat "hopia" which he really like to eat. All he have to eat is milk. Indeed, that's a normal food for babies. I also recalled that there were some scenes that he asked his grandmother that he would like to drink a softdrink. Well what do you think is the reaction? hehe... By surprised, the old woman called Novita's mother. But then having a no choice for Novita, he quickly drink the milk before his mother arrive. Maybe he was scared that his mother and grandmother would find out something about him being a very weird baby. (^^,)

Then, there's also a scene that he broke something that was really important for his mother. I'm not sure if it's a plate or a vase. Her mother became furious and about to scold him. But the grandmother defend him and told her that she should be thankful because her son doesn't get injured. What's more important is his son than anything else. A plate or a vase is just a thing that can be replace anytime. (It was very well said!)

So that's why I became annoyed by my father when he scolded me that moment. Somehow, using the episode of Doraemon as my basis had put me in my curiousity. I do want to know if my father have realized it or had the idea of it. Even if he never watched that anime, he should know what's more important in this world. It hurt my feelings. But then maybe he knows it. He knows how to cure my wound. Whe he cooked a delicious snack for us, it made me forgot all the stabs and ache I got before. And every thing will be fine again.

Watching that kind of show is not bad at all. Besides, it was made for everyone, who believes that it trully can brought moral lesson and entertainment to all viewers.



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