Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Unexpected Answer


Yesterday I was having a chit-chat with my professor in college via yahoo messenger. Its been so long since we had a conversation. He is my professor in all my major subject. A quite silent and serious type, also, he is very fond of computer games and anime that's what I know about him.

While our conversation continues, there's one question that suddenly pop out to my mind. Its a question about relationship. Since its bothering me last month, I tried to asked him about it. Maybe I can get the answer or an idea that can make me satisfy. So, I asked for his opinion about:

Is there a need for lovers to be parted for years? Its not because they have to end their relationship but its just that the other one needs to do it.
He replied me with "For me, relationship = commitment + responsibility". I was surprised. I do know that once you've entered in a relationship, there should be a commitment and responsibility because once you've loved, you should be serious in handling matters with the one you really love. There's no room for playing each people's heart because it can leave a mark if you've hurt one.

Well, the reason why I got surprised was because, his answer was unexpected. I never thought that he would give me such a reply which holds a deep meaning. Its so odd for a man to say a winsome answer. In fact that time I was expecting something, that after asking him he would just ignore it or will log-off. I'm impressed yet still looking for a different idea that will satisfy me.


*josie* said...

parting ways if a necessity is a test to a relationship, others remain faithful with each other, others don't, sometimes there are things that are beyond control that may affect the relationship.

rObrak said...

Yes its really a test for lovers, as the year goes by, being apart with our love ones makes us really empty and longing for their presence. We can't tell if the relationship will continue or not.

redkathy said...

I have to agree with your professor. Relationships take work, thus commitment and responsibility are the keys. It seems that if one "needs" to be apart (and not has to be apart to make a living or something) then one of the key elements is probably missing.


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