Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Always be expressive!


As I have watched the eulogy of the family and friends of the late Mr. Francis M. on GMA seven, I have felt their intimate sadness. Especially on the part of Maxene Magalona when she gave her final message for her father. She wished that she could express her love by telling "I love you" everyday.

I know what she feels because I have experienced it. Losing someone important to you is remarkably painful particularly when you have never expressed to that someone that you really treasured him. Or you never have shown to him how you love him so much. Like Maxene, I've lost my father too but what I have experienced was different from her case. My father died six years ago, due to heart attack. I was 15 years old back then, when it happened. He died in Bulacan when he was having his vacation there. Sadly, I was not with him or even my mother. It was a sudden incident! Even if my father and I were closed to each other, I could never told him that I love him. But have been able to expressed that I always cared for him and I know he had felt it too. Though its not enough.

After that, I learned a lot. I became more expressive than before to my love ones. I don't want to regret it. However, it have given me a mark, I became scared to lose someone important to me. I don't want to experience it again, so I always reminded them to be careful. I gradually asked God to guide them because I know and I believe that God will.

So, if you have still time, you should start yourself practicing saying I love you to your love ones everyday or everytime you saw them. We can't tell how long we can live in this world and had the chance to spend time with them. Always be expressive from now on because I tell you, its really hard and painful when you have lost someone you love.

~ Farewell Mr. Francis M. ~
We, as Filipinos are very much grateful for all the contributions you have made in the Philippine Industry. We will cherished it all for the rest of our lives...Thank you for inspiring us all with your great music and art. May you rest in peace!

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sunsetblush said...

Hi! Thank you for sharing this. Not all have seen how the bereaved family of the late/philippine idol Francis M. express their sadness.


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