Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exciting part of the month


As we all know, the month of March is the exciting part for every students who are exerting more effort to accomplish all their tasks in the school, especially for those individual who will graduate this year.

I know and have experienced all of these. Even if it was amazingly tough, I still considered it as a challenge. A challenge that can make me more productive and competent in preparation for the next stage of my life. Its been two (2) years since I graduated from college as an IT. All the memories that I had with my friends and classmates were kept in my heart. My college days were very memorable, it excites me more whenever I remember all the times that I spend with them making our school thesis. Enjoying the whole month of March and half of April having a sleepless nights, analyzing and coding our systems to make it run. At midnight we often had our break time, resting our minds while sipping a black coffee or sometimes a glass of extra joss and eating breads or curls. We often had some talks about our experiences and dreams. We really felt that we were attached to one another. And while I am sharing this to you, I can't help but to smile, my mind is playing back the fun I had. I really miss all the fun back in college.

I just want to say that, whatever obstacles you are into, you should not give up instead give all your best to it because there is a great reward behind it. And that great reward can lead you to what you can be. =)



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