Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rainbow puff


This afternoon, when I was having a conversation with my co-worker about the updates regarding the concerns of other employees in their desktop computers, I was suddenly interrupted by what I've seen. I was looking steadily in the glass window, trying to peek outside. From the sky there's something that grabs my attention, asking myself "what is that? Is that a rainbow or just a cloud?" I can't tell if its just because of the glass window that adds another color to the cloud so, I went outside to identify it.

It's very hot outside, the sun is on fire. I can't even open my eyes due to the sunlight, its very radiant. But I don't want to step back, I still looked up even though the sun was too strong because I'm yearning to discover it.

What happened next? What do you think?

While glaring above, my left eye was half open and my right eye can't take the heat. I've seen and discovered the beauty of the incomparable cloud. Indeed it was different from the other. Its like a cotton candy with seven colors. Like a rainbow puff that has a blend of different flavors!

That is my first time that I've seen a very rare circumstance so I took advantage of it. I captured some photos through my cellphone. And this is what it looks like:

Sorry, my camera resolution is not quite good. But in reality, It was very beautiful.


BURAOT said...

UFO? hehehhe. i'm sure there's a scientific explanation for that. might be a combination of hot and cold air, the vapor and mists reflects the natural colors and created a rainbow of sorts.

Online Mommy said...

Yup.. i have the same guess with Buraot. ^^v


rObrak said...

yep! ;) I agree with you. thank you for the short but nice explanation.


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