Thursday, March 5, 2009

It made me cry always!


sThere is an anime series which can made me shed tears every time I watched it. Since the very first episode up to now, it struck my heart always. The creators know how to play the feelings of every individual. They can make the viewers experience mixed emotions. Believe it or not! Even boys do cry!

This anime series that I'm referring to is CLANNAD. ^^,)

Clannad (according to wikipedia) is a Japanese visual novel created by the software company Key, who also produced the successful titles Kanon and Air. The series has a mixture of comedy, romance, slice of life and fantasy that really made this anime breathtaking. It also provides lessons and real life experiences of a certain individual.

Clannad is divided into two segments -School Life and After Story which serve as different phases in overall story. Season1, focuses in school life of the main characters while season 2 is the continuation of life and journey of Nagisa (main character) a young cute girl who has a weak body but have a very strong characteristics which whatever difficulties occur, she can still manage to handle it. This is very emotional indeed.

Currently, they have already released the first 20 videos of the season 2. Four more to go to end up the series. Season 1 and 2 are composed of 24 episodes each; full of romance, comedy, fantasy and slice of life.

Clannad After Story, 24 episodes

Clannad (Season 1)
24 episodes

This anime is one of my favorite series. Why? Just watch it! ^^,)



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