Sunday, March 1, 2009

Empty Pocket


After two days of being unhappy and a night shedding with tears, I am trying to get myself back into a very happy girl and full of confidence. I was hurt when my bf had forgotten the very special day we usually celebrate. Its totally unexpected! It's the first time that it happened. But I don't want to give it a different meaning. Undeniably, I became very lonely. But then I understand why he forgot it. He is very enthusiast when it comes to his work. Having two jobs at a time, it is possible that the situation will occur.

When I had a glanced at the wall, my mind suddenly plays back the memories I had with my father. It shows how happy I was during the time I was with him. I can still visualize how he became a very loving father to us, a caring husband to my mother, a good friend and brother to his siblings. I really miss the fun of being with him. I want to taste again his delicious meals and snacks he often prepared for us. Yet, life seems cruel, despite of that, I know there's a great reason behind it.


February has ended, on the other hand, my pocket remains empty. I'm not paid off with my work for two months. The papers that are needed to process our salary, is not yet complete with signs of the signatories. *sigh* My debt is increasing, hopefully, I can receive it this week.

It was a great thing that I could save my P100.00 up to 7 days. Unlike before I usually spend my money in buying foods that cost P150-200.00 a day. Well, it truly had given me a lesson in budgeting my money.



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