Friday, March 13, 2009

cheap but stylish!


This morning, my mother and I went to the supermarket to buy a pair of step-in for myself. We roam around the market to look for something that suits my taste. My mother was helping me to choose, and referring me some stylish step-ins. However, all the step-ins she referred me doesn't suit my taste. I don't want to wear something that I do not like, so we keep from searching for the good one. My mother knows my attitude when I buy stuffs. We always take long just for looking and deciding which one is the best for me, that will make me look good on it. All the step-ins there were all stylish and enticing but all of them were not perfect for me. I just want something that will make me look good on it.

When we stop by at the small shop along the market, I've seen a pair of step-in that makes me attached to it. When I tried to fit it, it gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I became contented with its style. The sales lady have referred me another stylish step-in that is also affordable. So, I decided to purchased the two. Of course, I asked the sales lady for a discount because I will buy two pairs of step-in. She agreed that I'll get it for only P500.00, isn't it too expensive or cheap?

(picture above)
this one was referred to me by the sales lady.
Its perfect for skinny jeans.

this one was referred to me by my mother


ReYaPoT said...

nice.. i preferred the choice of your mom :-)

rObrak said...

yeah me too, at first I don't like the style of the brown step-in - the one that was referred by the sales lady, but when I fitted it, it somehow gives a unique personality and style. My mom likes it too... =)


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